Cross Docking

(Distribution center) Affordable Cross-Docking Services near Markham, IL 

Furex Transportation is conveniently located in Markham, IL 60428, just outside of Chicago. Our facility is very close to rail, major truck routes, and Midway International Airport. We offer no-nonsense, affordable, in-and-out cross-docking services to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Furex is equipped with the right type of facilities to handle cross-docking related tasks, and our staff is well-trained and able to handle large volumes of freight in an orderly and speedy manner.

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Why Furex?

Cross-docking is a process of unloading freight from one trailer or rail car to another without storing the freight. It is widely used throughout the LTL freight industry to facilitate quicker and more efficient deliveries.

We Offer:

- Freight Consolidation (we can load a few loads into one trailer)

- Last Mile Delivery (we can deliver your loads within 200 miles radius)

- Storage (storage place for unlimited time)


Advantages of cross-docking

  • Reduces handling and limits risk of damage
  • Reduces costs associated with storage and warehousing
  • Products can be delivered to the customer much more quicker than conventional delivery methods
  • Freight coming from different areas throughout the country heading to a single destination can be consolidated into a single truckload shipment
  • Frees up trucks and trailers for use on other shipments, thus reducing the required fleet size
  • Products are delivered to customers quicker, as freight flows through the system more efficiently

WHY our Warehouse:

- Warehouse size 10,000 sqft

- Secure place with video recording

- 25 Docks for Loading and Unloading

- 4 Forklifts

- Own parking space for (Trucks / Trailers / Containers)


$7,7 per pallet (unload / load / one-day storage), each extra day $1,7 per pallet



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